Just over a year ago, when my mom and I were walking around my neighbourhood, we spotted a family painting the outside of building that had been vacant for a number of months.  I was immediately excited because the once blue building (complete with clouds and cartoon animals - the shop used to be a clothing store for kids) was now a shiny black with super funky lights on the outside.  The best things are usually black so I knew the area was in for a treat.  Little did I know that the unopened shop was about to become my favourite one in Victoria.

With a cozy, warm, and inviting vibe, Pigeonhole Home Store reminds me of the type of store you’d likely find in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. Carey Salvador and a team of a couple of stylish, friendly girls, run the place and keep it looking consistently gorgeous and welcoming.  They stock the shop with high quality goods that range from brand new to super vintage.  Beautiful ceramics, wonderfully scented candles, amazing vintage furniture, tasty chocolate, twinkling lights, storage solutions… the list goes on!  Expect to find things that you didn’t even know you needed until you walked in! And, one of the reasons I so love this store, is that the stock is constantly changing.  As things sell out, new things take their place, and as the larger pieces of furniture sell, the shop takes on a new look all together!

Pigeonhole is where I go when I need a little inspiration.  The mix of the old with the new and the coziness that’s been created in the shop is exactly the kind of space I hope to create in my own home.  There’s a brightness in there that I find incredibly welcoming, but also a cozy sort of darkness that makes me feel all warm inside.  I also love the range and uniqueness of the products in the shop.  There is truly something in there for everyone!

So, if you live in the Victoria area and are searching for the perfect treasure to add to your home or are just visiting and want to bring home a beautiful souvenir, I highly recommend heading over to the Fernwood area and checking out this beautiful little corner.  You won't be disappointed.

Pigeonhole Home Store

1606 Stanley Avenue
Victoria BC
V8R 3W

Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM
Sundays 12PM-5PM