David's Tea: Fall Teas


I have a tea obsession.  Particularly a David's Tea obsession.  There is just such a huge selection and the process of going in, and smelling all the different kinds, sipping a sample all the while, is just such a wonderful experience.  Because it is really starting to feel like fall in these here parts, I thought I'd share with you some of my absolute favourites.  Let me tell you, picking just a few was a hard task.  But here they are, my David's Tea fall staples:

  • Pumpkin Chai (black tea) - does it get more fall than that?!
  • Forever Nuts (herbal tea) - one of my favourites no matter what the season
  • The Spice Is Right (green tea) - a recent discovery but a definite necessity. If you like cinnamon gum, this one's for you
  • Cream of Earl Grey (black tea) - as it's name suggests, this is just a creamier version of a well loved classic
  • Glitter & Gold (black tea) - this one has little sparkly candies that dissolve in the hot water giving it a galaxy effect and adding a little bit of sweetness
  • Genmaicha (green tea) - this is the most classic green tea flavour I've ever had.  

As I said, I have so many favourites.  This list could go on for ages and ages but for now, these teas are a great place to start. 

Are you a tea fanatic?  If so, what flavour can you not go without?