Picot Collective

Situated in a small brick building in the heart of Victoria’s Fernwood neighbourhood, Picot Collective is truly a hidden gem.  Owned and operated by the oh-so-chic Britt Buntain, this beautifully curated shop is one that should be enjoyed by everyone.

Ever since moving into my current apartment, the coffeeshop down the road has been a favourite place of mine.  For the past couple of years each time I peered out the window of the shop, I saw the grey brick building with a little shop inside it.  The door was always closed and I was never filled with a burning desire to walk in.  Since returning this past September, however, I noticed a that the brick building was inhabited by a new shop!  Intrigued, I wandered over and immediately fell in love.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk in to Picot is the exposed brick wall decorated with incredible hand woven tapestries created by Britt, there in in the shop.   Along with the tapestries, the walls are decorated with art from local artists.  The featured artist is rotated monthly but is currently Ehren Salazar.

The next thing you’ll notice is the collection of beautifully laid out products.  The items range from ceramic mugs, bowls, and travel mugs, to deliciously scented candles, to high quality, inspiring jewelry and each piece is made by hand.  Picot aims to support local and independent businesses so when you head in there, don't expect to find things you've already seen before!  The majority of the products come from BC so it feels great knowing you're supporting not only the local economy, but also the great people in the community.

The best part of Picot isn't all of the great things you'll find.  While you're guaranteed to fall in love with all sorts of beautiful products, the best part of the shop is by far the owner. I don’t think I have ever felt more welcome in a shop than I did when visiting Britt last week.  I was a little nervous at first (this whole thing feels a bit out of my comfort zone at times!) but after a few minutes of effortless conversation, I was completely at ease and the time flew by.  While I snapped away we talked about everything from horror movies to education to her future dreams for the shop.  When you stop in, make sure to say hello, you might just make a new friend! 

Picot Collective has so much to offer.  It's a place for community to come together as well as a place to find beautiful handmade objects.  Picot is a place you'll look forward to going to just for the feelings you get when you're in there - excitement and inspiration.  As I drove away, I was already looking forward to the next time I’d be in there.

Picot Collective
2000 Fernwood Road
Victoria, BC

Tues 11-5
Wed 11-7
Thurs 11-8
Fri 11-8
Sat 11-7
Sun 11-5

Each month Picot has a wine/mingling night in honour of the featured artist.  On Thursday November 5th, from 6-9pm head on down to check out some beautiful art, sip some booze, buy some fabulous stuff for yourself or someone you love (apparently Christmas is on it’s way..?), and meet some funky people!