Wandering Around London

This past week was a bit harder than previous weeks.  I'm feeling quite homesick and am really missing the familiarity of home.  That being said, it's been an incredible trip and there have been so many moments where I've stopped and just taken a second to think about how unbelievably lucky I am.  Although I was missing home, I saw and did so much this week!

Day 24: I wandered along the South Bank for the day and got to see a bunch of the iconic London sights.  Big Ben, Millennium Bridge, the London Eye, and the Tate Modern Gallery.  I walked through the Tate then made my way back along South Bank and found myself wandering around the amazing food court full of all sorts of delicious foods, drinks, and desserts.  After the full day of walking I was hot and tired and very grateful for the cool train ride home.

Day 25: I spent the day with the two girls I'm staying with and together the three of us did some London exploring.  We did the British Museum, Covent Garden, walked through Leicester Square, and most exciting of all, walked along SHAFTESBURY AVENUE.  Any Harry Potter fans in the house that I can share the excitement with?!  

Day 26: I spent the day wandering around London on my own.  I started my day back at Covent Garden then walked through SoHo, along Oxford Street, up Carnaby Street, back through Leicester Square, down by the Parliament buildings and Big Ben, then across the bridge, and back to the train station.  It was a long day and I think I did somewhere around 20000 steps! 


Day 27: the day was pretty low key but I did go to Kingston for a poke around and then went to Miss Saigon in the evening!  It was a really great show with the most adorable little boy in it.  The story itself is quite sad but the music was great and the actors and actresses were amazing. 

Day 28: Another day wandering around on my own. I was really homesick and missing my people a lot so the day was a bit hard to do on my own but I made sure to do a lot and see a lot.  I started at the National Gallery then walked down to Buckingham Palace and through St James' park.  I kept walking and made my way past St Paul's cathedral towards Borough Market, the food market just over London Bridge.  By the time I got there I was starving and everything looked so good.  I decided that some pad thai and a refreshing iced tea would be the perfect way to refuel me for my trek back home.  I got so.lost.  Instead of walking along the Thames (like a normal, intelligent person) I decided to walk in the opposite direction.  With the exception of construction workers and the occasional person, there was no one around.  Panic.

Happy to report, though, that I made it home safe and sound.

Day 29: A slow day spent shopping in the morning and sleeping in the afternoon.  And how amazing are these pajamas?! 8 pounds at Primark, hollah!

Day 30: Another big day of walking and sight seeing.  I started at the Tower of London which is a favourite of mine.  I find it incredible how much went on there.  Then I made my way back to the East end to sit in a coffee shop so I could do some writing and just hang out.  We all went out for dinner last night, and all I'm going to say about that is that it was very entertaining.  

I've got a busy week ahead and I plan on making the most out of every day and soaking up every last second of my time here in London!  See you next week!