So Long, Farewell, Goodbye

My time in the UK is coming to an end.  These past six weeks have been incredible.  I have seen and done more in these last few weeks than I thought I'd ever do, I've met some amazing people, and I think I even learned a few things.  

I had wanted to take this trip for years.  I dreamt about the day I would wander the streets of London on my own, taking pictures of the beautiful buildings and drinking tea in quaint cafes.  I'm happy to say that the trip exceeded my expectations and has satisfied my longing to see some of the world - for now, at least!

I have had an amazing time and am so grateful to everyone who made this trip possible.  I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own so I really, really can't say thank you enough!

Here is my final week in the UK!

Day 31: Other than a bike ride to Nonsuch park and an evening paper route the day was pretty chilled out.  

Day 32: Greenwich!  I got to see something that I'd learned about in school and stood in both the east and the west hemispheres at the exact same time!  We also walked through Greenwich Market and got some super tasty lunch.

Day 33: this was another relaxed day.  It started with a walk through Richmond park and ended with Five Guys and Antman.

Day 34: We walked from Kingston to Hampton Court and actually walked through and saw all sorts of stuff.  There were beautiful ceilings, incredible chandeliers, and grandiose beds just to name a few..  We ended the day at a coffee shop near the palace and then caught the train home.

Day 35: Oh you know... just another relaxing day at WARNER BROTHERS STUDIOS FOR THE FREAKING HARRY POTTER TOUR!!!!!!!!  

Day 36: We spent the day near the sea in Brighton wandering through the lanes and stopping in all the little shops.  We had afternoon tea at the Hilton and fish and chips on the beach for dinner - well we tried, at least... We were literally attacked by seagulls as we brought the dishes back to the beach so we ended up sitting on the sidewalk to protect our food.  We listened to some of the Book of Mormon, all of Wicked, and some of Les Mis in the car on the drive and by the time we got home were all completely exhausted!

Day 37: The Alexander McQueen exhibition is on in at the V&A so I wandered through that in the morning then headed to Harrods and walked through the food hall.  We can't actually afford anything in there so we found a Paul's cafe and had sandwiches there before running through the downpour to get to the tube station.  The miserable weather sent us home early so we snuggled up on the couch with various cakes and some tea, watched a movie and just hung out before going out to dinner. 

Day 38: It doesn't get more classically British than polo!  I spent the afternoon eating all sorts of posh foods, drinking aged whiskey, mingling with the rich and famous, and getting cozy with Charlie (you might know him better as Prince Charles...)  There were also some guys on horses smacking a ball around.. I think that was supposed to be the main attraction, however I found people watching to be the much more interesting!

Tomorrow is my last full in the UK.  I cannot believe how quickly this last week has gone by!  As hard as the previous week was with missing home, I'm so glad I got to spend just a little more time here soaking up all of the amazing things that London has to offer.   It's truly been the trip of a lifetime and I will be forever grateful to everyone who made it possible!  

It's been a slice, UK!  Until next time!