Getting Refreshed with Imbue Goods

Along with trying to live a more minimal lifestyle I'm also trying to live a cleaner one, too. I eat way less sugar than I used to, I ... walk ...? Well I said trying. 

Just kidding.

One of the biggest things I've started doing recently is paying more attention to the products I use on my body. While part of me wants to turn a blind eye to it all and carry on using the same things I've been using for years, now that I know my Cetaphil cleanser scores a 10 on both the carcinogenicity and developmental and reproductive toxicity scales, I don't think I can. So I've started the hunt for friendlier products both for me and the planet. And I've just found a great one.

Imbue Goods, a Vancouver based company currently focusing on skin care, has just released their four rose water mists, Muse, Lust, Heaven, and Soothe. Each one is made from rose water, vitamin e, and essential oils in various combinations to create refreshing, relaxing, and revitalizing sprays that can be used in a wide number of ways, including as a makeup setting spray, a refresher after a workout, or a calming pillow spray before bed.

Imbue Goods muse

Muse is my favourite. It's got grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime, and mandarin essential oils in it which are all great for your skin and it smells uh-mazing. Among doing lots of other great things for your skin and body grapefruit helps with oily skin, bergamot helps with scarring, orange helps with inflammation, lime kills bacteria, and mandarin helps with cell regeneration.

I've sprayed Muse every morning since receiving it and I've been loving starting my day with a spritz of something so happy, fresh, and good for my skin!

Lust has more of a richness to it. This one, too, has orange and bergamot in it but it also has patchouli, rosewood, indian neroli, cardamom, cedarwood, champa, and vetiver in it. The patchouli and vetiver both help with any scarring you may have while rosewood kills bacteria and cardamom removes toxins.

This spray has kind of a girly woodsy clean smell to it and reminds me of walking through a forest after a downpour and smelling all the fresh foresty loveliness.

Heaven is a summery smell that's got tangerine, jasmine, rose, neroli, ylang ylang, vanilla, and lime in it. Jasmine, rose and neroli essential oils are all helpful with scarring and jasmine can also help regulate women's hormones. Ylang ylang helps with inflammation and vanilla is know for its soothing effect on both the skin and the body.

This is a really relaxing spray and I alternate between spraying this one and Soothe on my pillows at night before bed.

Soothe is a powerful spray full of relaxing oils that are perfect for bedtime.  Bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, marjoram, tea tree, spearmint, and chamomile are the oils in this mist and each and everyone of them helps with relaxation and/or skin health. Lavender helps with insomnia, marjoram helps with circulation and prevents bacterial and viral growth, tea tree and spearmint both speed healing, and chamomile soothes your senses to help with sleep and helps with overall skin health

This has been a really great spray at the end of a long day to help me unwind and focus on the smells of the oils rather than the 1093812 things I usually have in my head before falling asleep.

These are great sprays that would make perfect stocking stuffers on their own or a wonderful Christmas present as a whole. There's free shipping for the month of December so head over to Imbue Goods to get yours now!

A huge thank you to Imbue Goods for sending me their beautiful mists. While media samples were provided, all views and opinions are my own.