Best part of the week: On Wednesday morning I woke up stupidly early and rather than try to go back to sleep or lie there frustrated I decided to plug in my twinkle lights, light a candle, listen to the sound of the rain, make some coffee, and scroll through my favourite blogs. It was simply the best way I could have started my day!

Worst part of the week: I didn’t sleep through the night once since last Saturday. So by yesterday I was pretty freaking wiped.

Something I’m grateful for: Sleep aids. Getting enough sleep is so important and sometimes you just need a bit of extra help to get it.

Something I’m excited for: Fun visits this weekend! My sister is coming with a few of her friends to spend the weekend in Vic and I am so excited to see her!

520) Whats your favourite childrens story? I have so many favourite children’s stories. I grew up in a house full of books and every night I’d read stories with my parents before bed. In terms of picture books I’d say pretty much any Munsch book but especially The Paper Bag Princess. I love that she uses her wit to outsmart the dragon and ends up saving the prince but doesn’t end up with him. She don’t need no man! But I also loved a book called Maxine’s Tree. It’s a story about a little girl on Vancouver Island who fights for the survival her favourite sitka spruce tree when it, and the rest of the forest around it, is threatened to be cut down.

Happy weekending friends, see you next week!