Cornerstone Café - Fernwood, Victoria

In my head this coffee shop is the quintessential local coffee house.  It's owned and operated by the people of Fernwood, it's got a friendly, chill atmosphere and they make great drinks!  When Zoe comes and stays we always make a point of walking or biking down.  It's about a five minute walk from my place so it's super convenient.  My favourite drink at this café is the soy hot chocolate.  Instead of using chocolate syrup they use actual chocolate chips and melt them down as they steam the milk!  So cool!! Or maybe it's common practice and I've just never noticed...  Anyway, if you live in the Victoria area or will be visiting in the near future, you should definitely check this place out!  Plus, the community it's situated in is super funky and full of beautiful gardens and quaint houses so you can just grab a coffee and walk around the neighbourhood!