DIY Fall Stove Top Potpourri

I'd been looking forward to making this for days.  I had all my ingredients ready in the kitchen just waiting for the perfect day.  We've been blessed with a beautiful fall so far (the temperature is still in the double digits!!) and all the sunny weather has made it feel more like a slow ending to the summer.  But yesterday we had more of a typical fall day complete with clouds and pretty falling leaves.  So out came the pot and in went my ingredients!  It simmered on the stove for the majority of the afternoon and filled the apartment with such a cozy feel while I studied at the kitchen table.  I guess fall isn't so bad after all...


  • One apple, sliced thinly
  • One orange, sliced thinly
  • two cinnamon sticks (I snapped mine in half to make four)
  • a dash of all spice and/or cloves and/or ginger and/or nutmeg