Finding Inspiration Where Jealousy Used To Be

The internet is such a wonderful place.  Sure, it can be full of negativity and darkness, but it’s all about what you’re looking for.  These past few years, I have spent so much time reading the blogs of so many inspiring women and, especially recently, have found myself being more and more inspired by them. 

Before, as I read posts written by the bloggers I looked up to, writing about all of the fantastic things they had been doing and were accomplishing, a jealousy loomed in my mind.  Now, as I sit here, scrolling through the pages and pages of posts written by the same women, that feeling of jealously has been replaced by a feeling of proudness of them!  By no means has the jealousy completely gone.  I still find the little green monster every now and then as I read about the lives that just seem so perfect and beautiful.  But as more and more of the women who’s blogs I read, write about real life and their insecurities and struggles, the little green monster is replaced by a little pink cheerleader (if you will). 

As I read the stories of these women who’s lives are still graced with imperfection I find them to be such incredible sources of inspiration.  It’s their stories of struggle and hardship partnered with their tales of accomplishment and success that make me feel like I really know them and can genuinely root for them! 

I don’t really know where I’m going with all of this but I think this is ultimately a thank you letter to all of the women who’s blogs I read on the daily and who’s lives I get to take little peaks into.  I just want you to know that I appreciate the glimpse you give me into your lives [both the good and the bad], and that even though I don’t know any of you personally, I’m rooting for you and your happiness! 

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