Best part of the week: I was in a great mood on Wednesday. I have no idea why but it was so nice to just be happy and energized and excited.

Worst part of the week: Every high must be followed by a low… Thursday I was not a happy girl. I felt grouchy, pokey, and just not very nice. But after work I hung out with a friend and that put me in a much better mood.

Something I’m grateful for: Good tunes. I have been listening to lots of great music the past little while and it makes the work day so much better. Stayed tuned for a music post soon!

Something I’m excited for: I’m deep cleaning the bathroom this weekend and I can hardly wait! No sarcasm. Seriously, I’m stoked!

444) Are you scared of the dark? As long as I’m safely tucked into my bed, no. But when I’m roaming around freely in the dark and there could be another person roaming around just as freely it’s a bit of a different story.

Happy weekending people! Go clean something!