Heading to Saturna Island on BC Ferries
Sun rising over a cottage on Saturna Island
Ocean view from the cottage on Saturna Island
Celebrating Canada Day on Saturna Island

here's a taste of my time on Saturna Island. I'll be posting the rest next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Best part of the week: I have had such a stellar week. I spent the long weekend on Saturna Island, one of the Golf Islands just off the coast, then headed up to Penticton for a few nights away with my mom. The two trips couldn’t have been much more different, as you’ll see from the photo dumps happening next week, but they were both fantastic and have definitely refuelled me for the coming term at school.

Worst part of the week: A not so small part of me was desperately missing Victoria this week. I felt so close yet so far away when I was on Saturna and the Picot night markets kicked off yesterday and the combination of those two things filled me with all the feels. 

Something I’m grateful for: The incredible amount of relaxing, adventuring, sun tanning, reading, lounging, and eating I’ve been able to do this past week has made me all sorts of grateful. I’m also super grateful for all the fabulous people I’ve been surrounded with this week.

Something I’m excited for: Using my sewing machine! I got a sewing machine for my birthday a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to use it! I set it up yesterday, tested it out on a piece of scrap fabric I had, and spent a good chunk of last night scrolling through Pinterest looking for patterns so I can start making some fabulous new creations! 

365) Do you live by any motto or philosophy? I’d say that my personal philosophy is to “be thoughtful and make beautiful things.” I believe that thoughtfulness can go a long way in making people feel comfortable, cared for, and safe, and making beautiful things is so open to interpretation that it makes it possible for anyone and everyone to get in on it!

Happy weekending everybody! I hope your weekend is full of sun, relaxing, summer fruit, and great company!