Here are a few photos of me and Zoe modelling the two tops I made with my fabulous new sewing machine.

Best part of the week: I have been playing around with the sewing machine I got for my birthday and have loved figuring out how to make things and follow patterns and wing it and fail miserably and start again and just get more comfortable with working with new tools.

Worst part of the week: School started up again this week and Thursdays are not going to be my favourite…

Something I’m grateful for: Access to money, both from family members and banks. Life has been particularly expensive lately and without the help from family and banks I wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m doing. I wouldn’t have a car, I wouldn’t be going to school, and I wouldn’t be able to have the things I need for school. I am beyond grateful that I have access to money when I need it, even if it means I have a bit of debt.

Something I’m excited for: We got our list of projects and assignments this week and there are a few projects that I’m really excited to work on. They’re all going to be a lot of work but I’m excited to try working in new programs and creating new things to add to my growing portfolio.

334) What are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons? Dragons. They’re in all the best movies.

Happy weekending beautiful humans!