Last minute birthday present to self/from parents

Can't complain about the views

Gotta love that '90s style...

Holy smokes. Am I ever sucking at this whole blogging thing right now. And I don't even have an excuse! Well, last week was pretty busy but I just haven't been making the time so that's gotta change.  Hopefully this three day weekend will mean some good things happen for this here blog...

Best part of the week: On Monday night my friend made us salad rolls and we had a picnic on the beach! It had been a long day and I was suuuuper hangry by the time we got together after work, but it ended up being the absolute best night.  Not only did we have the salad rolls but we picked up some fresh fruit and brought that down for dessert. After dinner we both pulled out our books and read on the sand until the sun tucked behind the trees and it got a little chilly. I sure hope there are more nights like that in store for this summer!

Worst part of the week: Well on Wednesday I woke up at 8:22am. In order to get to work on time I have to leave the house by 8:35am at the latest. Needless to say "rushed" was a bit of an understatement...

Something I'm grateful for: I am so grateful for my family who made me feel so special on the weekend. I was home for a grad/birthday celebration and I got spoiled.

Something I'm excited for: Uhhhhh the three day weekend comin' at me!

391) What was your least favourite school subject? PE. The fact that we got graded on our physical abilities seemed rather ridiculous to me and I would much rather have read a book than run a lap or huck a ball.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians and happy Independence Day to our neighbo(u)rs down south! Stay safe everyone!