Best part of the week: There were quite a few highlights this week.. But I think yesterday, specifically last night takes the cake. After a very productive work day, a friend and I hit up a second hand store. She was in the market for some new threads and being there with her while she found all sorts of treasures was just the best. It was so simple but I loved it so much.

Worst part of the week: Late Wednesday night I was having a moment. I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, agitated, confused and frustrated. Time seems to be a bit of an illusion right now and changes are constantly happening. I think I’ve been handling it all quite well if I do say so myself but on Wednesday night and for a little while yesterday it was all feeling like a bit much. But music, driving, talking, good food and warm drinks pulled me back and I’m ready for more!

Something I’m grateful for: Space heaters. Last week I mentioned that the heat isn’t working in the office so we got some space heaters. Definitely an improvement over wearing all of the clothes I own to work every day.

Something I’m excited for: I think I have a very fun weekend ahead of me. There might be some photos happening, a festive outing, a bit of crafting, maybe a gingerbread house, some plants… I don’t know exactly what’s going to be involved but whatever it is, I’m jazzed.

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Happy weekending! PS 10 days until Christmas Eve!

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