Happy birthday Picot! Last night, on the final nightmarket of the season, Picot celebrated their one year anniversary. I, for one, am so happy that it's around. It's such a great store, the people who work there are pretty freakin' fabulous, and the community supporting it is just amazing! So here's to you, Picot (and Britt!) - wishing you many more years of wonderful unknowns!

Best part of the week: The weather has been incredible the last few days. So. Hot. So. Great. Except for when the fan doesn't quite cut it at night...

Worst part of the week: I found out on Monday that one of my oldest friends is moving to Ontario. He got offered a job there and while I'm super excited and happy for him, he is going to be missed on the West Coast.

Something I'm grateful for: therapists. They're just so great and so helpful and the work they do is so important. I feel very lucky to have had such amazing ones in my life (including, but not limited to, my momma)

Something I'm excited for: I'm going home on Sunday for the day to say goodbye to my friend. It's going to be a whirlwind day trip but I'm so looking forward to seeing him, as well as a few other people I haven't seen in ages, and giving him a proper send off.

93) What is your most essential appliance? I'd say it's a tie between the fridge and the coffee machine. But probably the fridge because coffee can be made without a machine. But, at the same time, I could probably live without a fridge because I'd just buy things that I needed on the day of... I could also say the microwave, but could go without if need be. I guess I like them all but know that I could survive without them. So, for frivolity's sake, I'm saying the coffee machine.

Happy weekending everybody!