Best part of the week: Tuesday was a great day! I had an exciting meeting, I worked on an upcoming blog post, and the sun was sooooo bright!

Worst part of the week: other than Tuesday, the rest of the week was just sort of a suck. I wasn’t in a great headspace and I felt overly emotional and struggled with regulating myself this week.  A lot of things feel uncertain and overwhelming right now and I think the stress of that sort of took a toll on me this week…

Something I’m grateful for: The book Big Magic. In this past week of not-so-great-ness I’ve found this book to be incredibly inspiring and funny and I’m really glad that my mom gave to me last time I was home!

Something I’m excited for: I’ve started applying for jobs so that’s both exciting and nerve-racking… But I’m excited at the idea of making some money, especially if I can do it at a place that I love!

290) What was the last piece of clothing you purchased? A grey sweatshirt with nothing on it from H&M for 12 dollars.  Hollah

The weather here for the weekend looks pretty decent so I’m looking forward to opening my windows and letting the sun stream in while I study for my next round of midterms! Happy weekending! (ps doesn't that bottom photo look kind of like a brachiosaurus?!)