First TGIF of the new year! 

Best part of the week:  I received a very nice email about the blog this week so that was nice!

Worst part of the week: This week was a doozy.  I felt pretty crappy so I just spent a lot of time sleeping and complaining.

Something I’m grateful for: the people who put up with me.  I was pretty gnarly this week as well as very emotional.  There was a lot of complaining and a few tears as well.  Shout out to the fabulous people who gave me lovin’ despite my nastiness this week.

Something I’m excited for: I’m just looking forward to the weekend! I have some blog things lined up, some time to do some studying, I’m going to clean the apartment, listen to some great tunes and watch as much Harry Potter as I can in loving memory of Alan Rickman.

124) Would you rather trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? well when you have both, why would you trade?!
JOKES. The answer to this question varies multiple times throughout the day.  Sometimes, when I’m insta-creeping my favourite ‘grammers I would trade heaps of brains to look like them buuuuut on test days gimme all the intelligence and nothing else matters!  Over all, though, I am quite happy just the way I am!

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