Salad Roll Recipe

Well, it's August. I really don't know how I feel about the whole thing. Yes, the weather is splendid. Yes, there are still all sorts of fun things to look forward to. But the end of the summer marks the end of so many things. But endings also mean beginnings. So with that here's the beginning of healthy eating August! HA! Just kidding. I like sugar.

But for real. Here's a super simple recipe for salad rolls. If we're being honest, I'd say it's a bit too simple - and that's saying something coming from this girl. May I suggest cooking your chicken in something more than just garlic...?

First up: veggies. You can put pretty much any veggie in that you like so long as it can be made stringy or stringy-ish. I used cucumber, red peppers, and carrots. Next you'll need rice paper circles (definitely their official name...). These things are so cool! When you first touch them, they're hard and not bendy at all. But after a quick 5 second soak in water and a 30 second rest period (the life of a rice paper circle is tough, okay) these things are sticky and completely malleable. Totally. Awesome! Then you'll need your chicken. I'm a plain Jane kind of girl so I usually just cook my chicken on the stove with a bit of garlic. But for these babies I highly recommend actual sauce. Just trust me on this. Last are the rice noodles.

I wish I could say I got better at the rolling as I did more of them, but I didn't. The first one was great. But then I guess I got cocky and the rolls needed to remind me that I actually don't have any experience at this and so I should just calm down. But hey, once I dipped the sorry looking rolls in some sweet chili sauce and chased them down with some elderflower soda their previous appearance no longer mattered.