Best part of the week: I got to work from home on Wednesday and it was bliss! I had my twinkle lights on, music playing, laundry going, and I got all my work done too! It felt so great to be productive and oh so cozy while doing it.

Worst part of the week: I feel like I have a plethora to choose from… Sunday I on my way back from Vancouver there was a two sailing wait. So even though I got there at 615 I didn’t get on until 9. But wait. That one was 40 minutes delayed so I didn’t actually get home until midnight. Long. Day. And on Tuesday I sat in traffic for nearly 55 minutes trying to get somewhere that should have taken maybe 15… AND THE RAIN! Guys, it’s still summer! Does summer know that?! Go away rain!!!

Something I’m grateful for: Elizabeth Gilbert. She isn't a something she's a someone but I am grateful for her. She’s the author of Big Magic and Eat Pray Love and she’s pretty cool. I’ve been listening to her on a few podcasts and not only is her voice super freakin’ relaxing, she actually says some pretty awesome stuff.

Something I’m excited for: I’m going home again today. But I’m excited because I’m going to get to see my family (they were all away last weekend) and sleep in my own bed. I have been having such crap sleeps so I can hardly wait to get into the coziest bed on the planet and sleeeeeeeeep.

397) When, if ever, did you last go to London? Last summer! I travelled around the UK for 6 weeks last summer and it was the most incredible time ever. You can read about my travels here, here, here, here, and here if you’d like!

Happy weekending everyone, try not to get washed away by all of this SUMMER rain.