Inspiration Board

I am itching for a change.  A change of season, a change of scenery, a change in my life.  I just have this feeling that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing right now.  But the most frustrating part is, I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be doing!  I was hit with a  feeling in September of this past year that I was exactly where I needed to be.  I was making breakfast in my kitchen as I was getting ready to go to my stats class.  I was by no means looking forward to going to class but I just had this gut feeling that in that moment I was in exactly the right place.  I haven’t felt that feeling since.  Not that I need to feel something as strong as that but I feel like I’m just sitting here.  I thought a break from school was what I needed.  And I must admit, my mood has improved significantly in these past two months of being school-less.  But now I need something more.  I want more relationships with people, I want to see more, I want to do more, I want to make more.  I kind of feel like I’m a carbonated drink in a can that’s being shaken.  I’m building up all of these feelings and sooner or later I’m just going to explode!  But I don’t know exactly what’s going to come out…  Will it be a huge burst of creativity?  A massive explosion of passion to do a specific kind of work?  A burning desire to go back to school to finish my degree?  Maybe it’ll just be a sticky explosion of nastiness at my own indecisiveness.  

Things I find inspiring in the board above: 

  • my favourite flours in the colours of  spring
  • a springish dress accompanied by a cup of tea and gorgeous accessories
  • donuts.  need i say more.
  • a quote I must keep reminding myself of
  • pastel houses in a foreign country calling my name
  • beautiful hanging flowers whispering “spring” over and over
  • BIG BEN.  London, I’m coming for you.  I just don’t know when.
  • that whole look.  it’s just working.
  • sleep.  i sure do love a good night’s sleep and waking up to a bright morning with birds singing
  • endless beach
  • all the flowers: especially the pastel spring ones.
  • look up!

All images taken from pinterest

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