Looking Ahead

I’m not really one for new years resolutions.  I believe in making changes as they are needed, whether they be in June or January.  That being said, there is something sort of special when it comes to thinking about the new year and all of the possibility it holds and making a few tweaks to ensure that the year unfolds in the best possible way. 

In 2016 I hope to connect more, put myself out there and make things happen for myself.  I hope that in 2016 I can remind myself that standing up for myself, speaking up when I want to, and reaching out to those who I think have the potential to enrich my life might be scary but might also lead to amazing things.  

The challenge will be finding a balance. I can see myself getting so caught up in trying to be out there and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone that I burn out, retreat, and never go out again.  So, while I started this by saying I’m not a new years resolution type of girl, I do want to resolve to send at least one scary email a month in order to prevent burn out while at the same time pushing myself.  

I so badly want to connect with more people through this little space but the thought of putting myself in a position where I can be told “no” really scares me.  There are a number of people I hope I get a chance to work with this year and in order to make that happen I have to do my part.