8 Ways to Style Long Hair

Much to the dismay of nearly everyone I know, I am cutting my hair off. I am waiting until after my grad photos (which be done sometime in April, if the lady ever gets back to me...) and then it's adios to a whole bunch of inches!  I can't wait! I've been pinning pictures of short hair for ages and I am so ready for shorter showers, fewer knots and cleaner ends. 

Because everyone has been so adamantly against me chopping it off, I've been sort of second guessing myself.  I found this on the Brit & co. website and discovered that maybe my face isn't right for short hair. But then I was reminded of the fact that it's MY HAIR and it will GROW BACK.  So ima do it! But before I do, I want to leave all of you long haired people with some ideas of how to do your own hair!

1. Down. Leave it natural, curl it, straighten it, crimp it, whatever! Make the rest of the world jealous with your gorgeous locks!

3. Headband tuck. This is a super easy way to do your hair for both formal occasions and everyday looks

5. A simple pony.  You can't go wrong with pony tails! They're fast, they're efficient, and they always look great!

7. Side braid. Simple, elegant, and a great way to keep your bangs or front layers out of your way all day

2. Braid it! The pig tail braids are coming back in so why not get your hair out of your face and be totally stylin' at the same time?!

4. Half-up top knot. I wear this at least once a week. I love how I can show off the length but keep most of my hair out of my way

6. Braid crown. Remember those braids you just rocked? Pin them to the top of your head and you've got yourself another great look!

8. Last but certainly not least, the top knot.  I wear this about 95% of the time. It's so easy, keeps it all out of my face, covers up grease, and looks fab. What more could you possibly want from a hair style?!

There you have it, more than a week's worth of hair styles for all you long haired ladies! And for you short haired ladies, these styles are super easy to modify so you can rock them too! Stay tuned for a short hair post in the near future :)