Best part of the week: I had tea on Wednesday night with a friend and we chatted about all sorts of things! Creativity, inspiration, vulnerability… it was just so nice to hang out with someone who shares similar views on things and is excited by things I find exciting too!

Worst part of the week: I didn’t really have a worst part. It was a short week so that was nice and I enjoyed all of my nights after work, too!

Something I’m grateful for: Sunny days. We had a little taste of fall last week and it gave me a new appreciation for the sun.

Something I’m excited for: I think I’m going to be part of a bookclub! I have a couple friends who are into the idea and I think it would be so much fun for us to read a good book, get together and chat about it and life and just engage! I was part of one last winter and really, really loved it so I think it would be great to be part of one again.

487) Have you ever been in or had a food fight? I don’t think so… And I don’t think I would really enjoy it.

Happy weekending and I’ll see you all on Monday!

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