Gift Wrapping

Here's the thing: I had this fabulous post all planned out and beautifully photographed, went and plugged the card in to the computer aaaaaaand all the photos were terribly unfocused. Oh the joys of being your own photographer... Anyway, I didn't want to redo the whole thing so I used the three best photos and will be leaving it at that.

I love the look of brown craft paper accented with pretty little things.  For my gifts this year, I wrapped them all with brown paper and used bakers twine, natural twine, and ribbon (you can find a very similar ribbon dispenser thingy at HomeSense).  To make the gift tags I used scrapbooking paper and my label maker.  Any envelopes I needed I also used scrapbooking paper for.  The greenery was taken from outside and the tiny burlap bag was a Michaels find.  I cross stitched the "ho ho ho" on just to give it a little something extra and used some left over yarn to make the pom pom!

I am having just as much fun wrapping the presents as I did making/buying them!