DIY Valentines Day Wreath

With two weeks until Valentines day I thought I would share a few posts inspired by the romantic day, starting with this wreath! 

Have you ever been so happy with a project that every time you walk by it, you fall in love with it a little more?  That's how I feel about how this little beauty turned out.  I was so surprised by how simple it was to make and how much I loved it!


  • a few flexible twigs
  • wire
  • bunch of eucalyptus
  • small bouquet of baby's breath
  • pink carnations (or roses or whatever splash of colour you want!)


  1. shape your twigs into a circle to create the base for your wreath
  2. using thin wire attach the eucalyptus along one side and the baby's breath along the other side
  3. tuck the flowers into whatever openings they fit into.  Play around with the arrangement until you're happy with the final product!

Like I said, this wreath is so easy to make and the brilliant thing about it is that both eucalyptus and baby's breath dry really nicely which means this wreath is something you can have hanging for ages!