DIY Fruit Arrangement

Tis the season for fruit! Fruit salad, fruit kabobs, fruit smoothies, fruit filled pies, fruit juice... ALL the fruit! Here is a fun way to give the gift of fruit to someone who needs it.  Whether it's your roomie with scurvy, your mom on her birthday, or your grandparent on any day, this is a present that lets you unleash your creativity and brighten someone's day in a healthy way!

To make this tasty treat you'll need

  • fruit of your choosing - I recommend fruits that have a slight firmness to them, otherwise they'll slide down the wooden kabobs
  • wooden kabobs
  • a jar or other container for holding your fruit
  • mini cookie cutters - optional
  • chocolate - optional, but not really...

I'm sure you can figure out how to assemble this on your own (stick fruit on stick, stick stick in jar, repeat), but I do have a couple of helpful hints when it comes to cutting your fruit into shapes.

First, straight lines are by far the easiest.  In theory, the stars were just 10 stabs and boom, a star. When I tried to make flowers, it definitely took longer but with some patience, was totally doable. 

Second, bananas are slimey and thus they slide. If you're going to use bananas (and you should, they're delicious) I suggest dipping them in chocolate and freezing them for a bit before putting them on the stick. This will harden them up and make it more likely that they will stay put.

Third, you'll want to put something in the bottom of the jar to keep the sticks in place.  We used a sliced up orange and carved out designs on the peel for a fun base but you could use a different kind of fruit or even a foam thing if you can't see through your container!