DIY Aesthetically Pleasing Vitamin Labels


I don't know about you but I am a fan of aesthetically pleasing objects. To me aesthetically pleasing means clean, minimal design with just the right combination of modern and classic elements. 

I also need to take vitamins. But most vitamins come in not-so-aesthetically-pleasing packaging and while I'm not trying to be picky... Who am I kidding. I'm being a bit ridiculous but now that I'm armed with skills of graphic design I have to work them into my DIY projects. So that's what I've done.

Inspired by the gorgeous branding of Aesop and Bear I decided to create my own labels. I purchased the beautiful amber bottles from The Soap Dispensary on Main St in Vancouver and printed the labels on a full sized sheet of label paper so I could cut them out to be the exact size I wanted. Then I stuck the labels onto the bottles and filled them up with all the vitamins I take.

This was a really fun project for me and I had great feedback on Instagram so I've included a downloadable file if you'd like to make these for yourself! Click here to get it.

If you use these I'd love to see, so tag me on Instagram or send me an email!