A brief message from my heart


As some of you may know I’ve been on a bit of a self discovery journey these past few weeks. To say it’s been overwhelming would be an understatement and to say that it’s been profound would hardly be doing it justice. There have been moments of mega uncertainty, huge questions, and unfamiliar feelings but there have also been incredible insights, new feelings, and a clarity that I’ve never experienced before. 

Today I woke up with the same super bursty chest feeling that I’ve been feeling so often this past little while. But rather than feel overwhelmed by it, like I usually do, today is the first day that I feel ok with it, grateful even.

Yesterday I was asked if my heart ever gets to talk or if my head does it all. I think that for just about all of my life my head has done all the talking. But now it feels kind of like by heart is all 

“Hey, I’m here too you know. I’m not as verbal as your head so I may be harder to ‘hear’ but I have a lot that I do for you right now so I’m going to make myself known so that I help you, ok?”

I think that because I spend so much time in my head trying to articulate my feelings so that I can “understand” them that I’ve lost touch with the much more subtle feeling messages the other parts of me - specifically my heart - have been trying to communicate with me. 

I know this post is a bit more out there than my usual ones but this space as much for my own processing as it is for your enjoyment. And I think this post is kind of the definition of cashmere & plaid - it’s about the simple luxury of getting to know yourself and the familiar comfort of coming home to yourself.