Best part of the week: The last couple of days at work I’ve been putting together a children’s gift guide. The only requirements were that the toys and gifts were beautiful and modern. I spent hours just swooning over all the beautiful things and getting some major baby fever.

Worst part of the week: Tuesday night and Wednesday were hard times. Although I’m not an American I can’t say that what happened this week didn’t - and won’t - affect me. I feel like the results of the election were a huge step backwards for women, for people who are ‘different’, foranyone who isn’t white, and for the world in general. I will say, though, that watching, listening, and reading the words of those who were hoping for a different outcome have been incredibly inspiring. While people have been disappointed, afraid, incredulous, and upset, they’ve also been able to be respectful, kind, loving, and inclusive. I think that goes a long way to show that while there are people out there who have values that I and many many others don’t, there are also people out there who are willing and going to fight for love, kindness, respect, and inclusion.

Something I’m grateful for: As it is Remembrance Day and after the horror of the election on Tuesday I am especially grateful for my country. For the freedoms I have as not only a human but as a woman. For the feelings of safety I have when I fall asleep and when I wake up. For the tolerance we have as a nation. For the people who fought for all of these freedoms and so much more.

Something I’m excited for: I’m going on a mini roadtrip with one of my favourites people on the planet this weekend and I am SO excited. Get ready for a major photo dump next week!

424) Whats the fastest you've ever travelled in a car? 140 km/h. We were driving down the I-5 on our way to California and I looked down at the speedometer and momentarily freaked out.

Happy weekend everyone. I hope that on this Remembrance Day and and throughout the coming days you have an opportunity to remember all that you’re grateful for, even when the world feels like a dark or scary place.