Cold Brew Tea

cold brew tea // Cashmere and Plaid blog

cold brew tea-- Cashmere and Plaid blog

I love drinking tea in the winter.  The way it warms you up from the inside out and makes even the yuckiest of days feel a little bit better.  In the summer, as much as I’ve wanted to continue drinking tea I’ve always been put off by the bitter taste that comes from steeping tea in boiling water, letting it cool, and drinking it with ice cubes.  Well cold brewing tea completely gets rid of all of that bitterness and leaves you with a sweet, flavourful and extremely enjoyable beverage!

To make it, all you do is fill a container with cold water, plop one of your freshly made tea bags full of your favourite tea into the water, stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours, et voila!  (Depending on how strong you like your tea you can leave the tea bag in and let it sit for longer)

Here are my two favourite ways to enjoy cold brewed tea.

The first is just plain and simple.  I just add a couple of ice cubes in and drink it just the way it is.  

The second way I take my cold brewed tea is mixed with a sparkling drink.  7-Up, Sprite, san Pellagrino, pretty much anything that adds a bit of sweetness and some bubbles!

cold brew tea ::Cashmere and Plaid blog

And there you have it! A a couple of bit and bitter free ways to keep hydrated!