July Tunes

July Tunes I said it last time and I'll say it again.  When I fall in love with a song, an artist, or an album I will listen to until I can hardly stand listening to ever again.  Here are some of the artists/songs/albums I've been listening to for the past month...

1//Gabrielle Aplin: English Rain - I'm pretty sure I read that someone else was listening to her a while back so I looked her up.  Her music is a little bit more mellow but still upbeat enough to keep me interested.  And when I say interested, I mean this is pretty much the only album I've been listening to since the middle of June... 2//William Fitzsimmons: Derivatives - Bridget, from Tales of Me and the Husband, wrote a little while ago about going to this guy's concert and linked to a couple of his songs.  Immediately I knew I had to download the album.  If you don't feel like adding a whole new album to your collection, at least listen to Goodmorning (Pink Ganther Remix). 3//Hundred Waters: The Moon Rang Like a Bell - this post is pretty much becoming a list of albums other bloggers have already recommended... Like the other two before this one, I heard about these guys from another blog (Piper Winston)  It's sort of an electronic-ish, mellow, gotta-let-it-grow-on-you kind of album.  I promise that the more you listen to it, the more you'll come to like it! 4//Said the Whale: hawaii - This band comes out of Vancouver and totally rocks.  The tunes on this album are particularly great for summer drives and beach hangs :)

I hope you like this month's selection!  What else have you been listening to, I'd love to find some new things to obsess over!