New Tunes

Joseph - Native Dreamer Kin:  this album was such a score!  It's kind of like a mix of Birdie and a bit of the Civil Wars, but they have a uniqueness to them too so they're just really a great listen period.
NoNoNo - Pumpin Blood EP:  such fun.  Great car jams.
The Paper Kites - Woodland:  I heard a couple songs by these guys on two different occasions and it wasn't until I Shazamed them both that I knew I needed to hear more.  Great for mellow times and mini adventures.
Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest:  this album is beautiful.  I bought it back in July, around the same time the Civil Wars' new album came out.  It wasn't until mid January that I really listened to the words and appreciated how well the songs are written and the depth behind all the lyrics.
What are y'all listening to?  I love discovering new music as the seasons change :)