Best part of the week: There were a few great moments this week - I was home for a quick trip last weekend and spent one day driving up to Joffre Lake with one of my favouritest people in the whole wide world. It was quite the trek and we were exceptionally unprepared so it was a bit of a gong show but we laughed and talked and laughed some more and it was just the greatest! Another fabulous moment was walking out of work on Wednesday night and seeing city workers stringing up Christmas lights in the trees. It just felt kind of magical walking out of my grown up job in “the city” and seeing Christmas appearing right before my eyes.

Worst part of the week: I was a biiiit of a grump this week. I was snarky and grouchy and oh so irritable. TGIF feels right on point this week.

Something I’m grateful for: This week I’m grateful for all the people who do little things that make the world a nice place to be. I’m grateful for my favourite bus driver who is always friendly and wishes people a good night. I’m grateful for the people in the grocery store that gave me smiles while I was makeup-less and clad in sweatpants. I’m grateful for the people who smile and laugh rather than get mad at the babies screaming on the bus. And I’m grateful for the people who are patient when other people don’t have their shite together, because really, who does?

Something I’m excited for: I’m excited for a free weekend doing whatever I want all weekend long! I plan on knitting, crafting, baking, listening to my records and drinking alllll the tea, coffee, and hot chocolate I fit inside me!

511) If you were exiled what country would you choose as your new home? England. No brainer.

Happy weekending everyone, make sure you fit a snuggle or two in there :)