On Repeat: Oldies


1.Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill - I love the chick power in these songs.  She rocks out and calls guys out on the sh**t they do.  I think this is a super empowering album!

2.Cat Stevens: "Moonshadow"- this song always makes me think of my dad.  When I was little he used to bring his guitar into my room and play "Moonshadow" right before I fell asleep.  I really love this song because of the memories it brings up.

3. Led Zeppelin: "Going to California" - going on a roadtrip.  This is what the song makes me dream of.  I want to be the blonde haired girl going to California, not necessarily with a broken heart or on a big jet plane but just going.  All of the grey weather here is making California look especially appealing.

4. Patti Smith: "Because the Night" - Listening to this song makes me think of some '80s movie with girls dancing in their underwear and singing into hair brushes!

What are some of your favourite oldies??