DIY: Felt Banner

Congratulations Felt Banner
Congratulations Felt Banner
DIY felt banner
DIY felt banner
DIY felt banner
DIY felt banner

This DIY was so easy and so cheap!  My roommate is graduating from university today so I thought I'd make her a little banner!  I looked on Pinterest for inspiration and came across this one that I thought was cute, simple, and easy to recreate.  I spent a total of $3.00 on this project and it was worth all 300 pennies!


  • felt in whatever colours you want
  • scissors
  • a pencil to trace your letters
  • word template
  • string
  • needle or hot glue gun


  1. Make a template for your word of choice using whatever wordprocessor you have on your computer (you can skip this step if you have the talent of being able to make awesome bubble/block letter.  a talent I do not seem to possess...)
  2. Trace the letters onto your felt
  3. Cut out the letters
  4. To get your letters onto the string you can either glue them on or sew them on.  I chose to sew them  on because I like the freedom it gives me to move the letters around and make sure they're always in the perfect postion.
  5. Hang your beautiful banner anywhere your heart desires, stand back and grin at the masterpiece you created for under $5.00