A Year in Review

Some of my favourite moments of 2013: 1. making candles on a rainy day 2. folk fest awesomeness 3. day at the lake 4. perks of the summer job 5. lunch breaks on the summer job 6. getting new wheels in Victoria 7. folk fest treasures 8. finding our apartment! 9. getting into crocheting and knitting 10. making a new friend!!!! 11. getting a new tattoo 12. a snowy day before Christmas

Merry belated Christmas and Happy belated New Year!  I hope you have all had a really wonderful holiday and have been able to spend some time with loved ones.  I am always amazed at how quickly Christmas goes by.  The hype lasts for weeks and weeks and then, in one day, it’s all over!  Well at least Christmas is.  The holidays continues and the New Year approaches.  I have to admit, I’m not sad to say goodbye to 2013.  It was a tough year for me.  Lots of things changed, school got harder, I spent a lot of time  feeling confused and unsure of where I wanted to go and our family experienced some changes.  This is not to say that 2013 was an awful year.  I made a really great new friendship and learned a lot from the relationships I already had.  I went to a number of concerts and got to see some of my favourite musicians.  I spent my summer working hard and was able to move into a beautiful apartment..

As I look back on the year I'm grateful for the opportunities I had and the things I went through. That being said, hopefully 2014 will be a little bit better, for everyone!