Homemade Donuts

we made donuts!
we decided that this weekend was going to be tasty.  roomie made muffins,  we made apple chips together and we made donuts!
The muffins burnt a bit on the bottoms (stupid oven, we still can’t get it to cook our food properly and we’ve been living here for 4 months), the apple chips didn’t really turn out super great either  but they were pretty good.  The donuts, however, were DELISH!  We kind of cheated tho…we didn’t make our own dough… we used safeway white dinner rolls instead!  They may not be as authentic but they still tasted great!
We dipped them in oil, fried them up, drained the oil and coated them in a cinnamon/sugar mixture.  They were great on the first day, nice and soft and slightly warm but by the next day they were a little harder..
Needless to say, these will be made again!  I’d like to try and make a different glaze and decorate them a bit to make them even more fun!
Hope you have a great week and get to make and eat lots of yummy things!