Homemade Poptarts

I was blown away by how incredibly delicious these things turned out!

Dough: 2 cups flour 1 tbsp sugar 1 cup butter (cubed) 1 egg 2 tbsps milk

Middle: Get creative!  I made three kinds: jam, nutella, and brown sugar & cinnamon.  Some other ideas that I think would be really good are apple & cinnamon, peanut butter and jam, lemon cranberry, blueberry... the possibilities are endless!

Icing (totally optional, and I don't think I'll use it the next time I make these): ⅓ cup icing sugar splash of milk couple drops of vanilla

1. Whisk together the dry ingredients 2. Put dry ingredients into a food processor and add the butter.  Process until the butter is in small chunks. 3. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk and egg 4. Put the dry ingredients back in a bowl and add the milk/egg mixture 5. Combine using your hands until your dough has a smooth consistency 6. Separate the dough into two balls 7. Roll out the first ball and cut out as many rectangles as you can.  Repeat with the other ball and continue until you have 18 rectangles (which will make 9 poptarts) 8. On 9 of the rectangles spread a generous layer of filling 9. Use the remaining 9 rectangles to place over top of the filling and use a fork to seal the goodness in. 10. Bake on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper in a 350 oven for 15 minutes.  Let cool.  Decorate with icing if you so desire.

Note: traditional poptarts are usually reheated in the toaster but if you use icing on your homemade ones, beware that the icing may slide down the poptart and create a nice little mess at the bottom of your toaster.

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