Not Your Traditional Christmas Tunes

Not Your Traditional Chirstmas Playlist Normally I would have done November tunes today but I didn't really listen to anything new last month and seeing as it's December 1 today I thought I'd share some of my favourite Christmas tunes instead! On Friday night we got our first sprinkle of snow.  I went to the Christmas parade in Victoria on Saturday and yesterday I decorated the apartment a little to get into the spirit of the holidays! Talk about a festive weekend!  I refused to get into the spirit before the 25 because in my opinion, one month is just enough.  As soon as I’m ready to get into the spirit the part that helps the most (aside from the copious amounts of peppermint hot chocolate…) is the music!  I grew up listening to the likes of Nat King Cole, Charlie Brown’s Christmas soundtrack, Frank Sinatra, and Burl Ives among others.  But in recent years some of my favourite artists have made songs in the Christmas spirit that aren’t your traditional Christmas songs.  There is something so sweet about these songs that really helps to get me the spirit.

1//Ingrid Michaelson - Snowfall: would a music list really be complete without something from her?  She’s got a few songs in the spirit of the holidays but this one is very pretty and has an old time-y sound to it that I really like

2//Sara Bareilles - Love is Christmas:  This was the first song I listened to this year and I think she really captures what Christmas is all about, at least for me.

3//Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles - I love both of these girls, put 'em together and BOOM you have the best nontraditional Christmas song ever!

4//The Klenners - When Winter Comes: (I couldn’t find album artwork so I just used one of their other ones).  Tegan, from Treasures and Travels, and her husband have a bunch of really great songs out, most of which can be found on YouTube or BandCamp and even iTunes I think, but a couple of years ago, while they were travelling, they put out this Christmas song.  In it, they sing about friends, snow and White Rock, the town I (and they) are from.  It is the perfect song to get me in the Christmas mood while I’m away at school waiting to go home to be with my friends and family.

What are some of your favourite nontraditional Christmas songs?