DIY Advent Calendar

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With exactly one month left until Christmas (!!!) I thought I'd share a DIY to help you with the countdown! I knew in my mind exactly what I wanted so I set out on a mission to get it.  I looked everywhere for small envelopes but couldn't find them anywhere.  So I decided to make them!  I wanted the envelopes to be about the size of my phone so I traced my phone and then added to sides so they would fold over to create the envelope.  Once those were all cut out I taped them together using some festive washi tape I picked up at Winners!  Then I cut out numbers (1-24) and taped them onto the envelopes.  After that, I filled them with festive treats for me and roomie!

PS it is definitely necessary to tape over the bottom of the envelope.  Otherwise, when you go to fill it up with goodies, the bottom pops open and causes the whole thing to come apart...

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