September Tunes

September Tunes This month's music was kind of all over the place.  While Kate Miller-Heidke and Lights are both pretty upbeat, Rosie Thomas and Beth Orton are much more low key.  I think it's a pretty good representation of how I feel throughout the month.  September is such a transitional month, so I guess it makes sense that the music I listen to is all over the map!

1//Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held: I've been listening to this album since grade ten.  It's a pretty sad one but sometimes it's just what I want to listen to. 2//Kate Miller-Heidke - Curiouser: This album, too, has been in my library since grade ten.  The three songs I listen to the most are Can't Shake It, Caught In The Crowd, and Last Day on Earth.  The first one is poppy while the other two are more chill and kind of story-like. 3//Beth Orton - Trailer Park: I grew up listening to this album.  My parents would play it through our stereo fairly often and it reminds me of playing in our family room in the early evenings while they were cooking or getting ready for a dinner party, or cleaning up after dinner.  It's definitely a comfort album for me. 4//Lights - Little Machines: This album only came out last week so I haven't really had much time to get to know it all that well but so far, Up We Go (the first single off the album) and Running With The Boys are my two favourites.

What have you been listening to? Do you find that your taste changes with the seasons too, or is that just me?