DIY Herbal Bath Tea

I figured that since Christmas is only a few days away I'd share one more DIY that I think would make an excellent natural Christmas present. It only takes about 2 minutes to put together once you get your supplies (all of which can (usually) be found in a single shop) and costs about $15 to make a whole bunch. So if you're into looking for a quick, cheap, natural, last minute Christmas present, look no further!


  • jars
  • reusable tea or herb bags
  • epsom salts
  • various dried herbs and flowers

These were honestly the easiest things I've made in a long time so I feel kind of silly writing out 'instructions' but just in case there are people out there thinking "well now what?!" these are for you!


  1. clean and dry your jars
  2. fill just under half of your jar with epsom salts
  3. sprinkle in your dried herbs and flowers
  4. secure the lid and shake the contents to mix spread them evenly throughout the jar
  5. open the jar, place a calendula flower or two on top, fold up a reusable tea bag, tuck it into the jar, secure the lid, and you're done!

I think it might be handy to write out some instructions to go along with the gift because I'm not sure how many people would know what to do with this gift... So you're welcome to simply copy and paste these instructions or come up with your own more poetic ones but just make sure the recipient of the bath tea knows that it goes in the bath and isn't just a tea to be enjoyed while having a bath.

Bath Tea Instructions

  • spoon 1 tablespoon of the mixture into the reusable tea bag, keeping the rest in the airtight jar
  • attach the tea bag to the faucet of your bath, letting the water run over it while filling the tub
  • once the water has been added, drop the tea bag into the bath letting it steep for another 10 minutes or so

*each tea bag can be used for 2-3 baths but note that the epsom salts will dissolve after the first use*