Penticton - Part 1

Three weeks ago I went on a little road trip to Penticton with my mom. It had been five years since the last time I was in the Okanagan and man, had I ever missed it. Growing up we used to go up every summer to visit my grandparents who had a trailer in Osoyoos. Even after they sold it we would still go up with family friends for at least a week to spend time in the desert heat, lounging on the lake, and hanging out with friends. This time, though, it was just me and mom loving the heat, lounging lake-side, and eating (and drinking) all sorts of tasty things.

It was probably the most luxurious experience I've had in the Okanagan by far. Rather than staying in a trailer or in a cottage as I'd always done before, we spent two nights at E'laysa Guesthouse and Vineyard Retreat.

Every morning we were served a beautiful breakfast. The first day was eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and fruit salad. The second day was a cheese omelette made with fresh eggs and on the third morning we had the waffles you see above. Every single meal was delish and I ate every single thing.

These were the chickens responsible for providing the fresh eggs every morning. They were so funny and would run up and cluck at the fence when I got close but would get bored quickly and run back to the shade and hang out where their food was. That being said, there was one who was pretty persistent at trying to get my attention..

At the top of the hill in the backyard there was this amazing sitting area that looked out over the Okanagan Lake and the vineyards and the mountains. It was a beautiful spot to sit and watch the sunset and drink a glass of wine (or in my case water) and chit chat with my mom.

On the second day we went for a walk during which I complained for 87% of the time. But I ended up getting some beautiful photos from the walk as well as some much needed physical activity so even though it was way too hot to be walking I guess it really wasn't thaaaat bad. 

I have so many more photos but rather than overwhelm you with one big dump of Okanagan photos I thought I'd break it up into two parts. So stay tuned for the next post coming in the next couple days!


Take it Vintage - Fila Sweatshirt
Take it Vintage - Timberland TShirt
Take it Vintage - Vintage Jean Jacket
Take it Vintage - Vintage Jean Jacket Close up

I’m sitting here trying to write this weeks post and I cannot remember what I did this week. Clearly it wasn’t particularly memorable which I guess will make for a pretty boring recap.. But oh well, some weeks are just like that.

Best part of the week: Last week I said Thursdays were going to be my least favourite days of the week but that’s turned out to be not entirely true. I have free mornings on Thursdays because I don’t start school until 130 so yesterday I spent the morning taking photos (and modelling in photos) for Take It Vintage which was great.

Worst part of the week: I had a pretty grumpy week. For no particular reason I was in a bit of a funk and nothing really seemed to get rid of it.

Something I’m grateful for: online resources. We’ve started a web scripting class and it is HARD. But I’ve been using Codecademy and other online things that have been helping and making it way more understandable.

Something I’m excited for: I have a busy, fun weekend planned and I’m really looking forward to spending it with some of my favourite people adventuring, hanging out, and just chillin’.

303) If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one around to hear it does it make a noise? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this one over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that it does. The sound waves are still created as it hits things going down and regardless of whether or not anyone is around those waves make sounds.

Happy weekending everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for a Penticton post coming next week!


Here are a few photos of me and Zoe modelling the two tops I made with my fabulous new sewing machine.

Best part of the week: I have been playing around with the sewing machine I got for my birthday and have loved figuring out how to make things and follow patterns and wing it and fail miserably and start again and just get more comfortable with working with new tools.

Worst part of the week: School started up again this week and Thursdays are not going to be my favourite…

Something I’m grateful for: Access to money, both from family members and banks. Life has been particularly expensive lately and without the help from family and banks I wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m doing. I wouldn’t have a car, I wouldn’t be going to school, and I wouldn’t be able to have the things I need for school. I am beyond grateful that I have access to money when I need it, even if it means I have a bit of debt.

Something I’m excited for: We got our list of projects and assignments this week and there are a few projects that I’m really excited to work on. They’re all going to be a lot of work but I’m excited to try working in new programs and creating new things to add to my growing portfolio.

334) What are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons? Dragons. They’re in all the best movies.

Happy weekending beautiful humans!