At dinner time when I was growing up, we would go around the table and say the best part of our day and the worst part of our day. It was a nice way to connect as a family and hear about what was going on in everyone's life. I turned those questions into a TGIF post where every Friday I write the best part of my week, the worst part of my week, something I'm grateful for, something I'm excited for, and I answer a random question pulled from this list I came across years ago. It's a fun way for me to record the stuff happening in my life and a way for you to learn a little bit more about me. Feel free to answer the random question in the comments below each post, I'd love to learn more about YOU!


These types of posts are few and far between. I usually only write a couple of them a year but they go a little deeper than the other things I post about and are a way for me to share my thoughts on where I'm at in life and what's going on around me.