Breakfast Bar Fail, Yam Fry Success


IMG_5186 IMG_5187 IMG_5193 Another request I got from the survey was more recipes this year.  So one of my friends and I set out to make some healthy breakfast bars to help you keep up with your "eat healthy" resolution.  Well, we failed.  I wasn't going to post this at all seeing as we didn't actually make what we had set out to make, but then I thought, lets just take a moment to appreciate the attempt and remind ourselves that things don't always work out the way we want them to. (But I mean, look at the potential those things had!  Those first two pictures make it look so promising!)

IMG_5199Since we didn't get to eat our own special creation, we hit the web and found a recipe that we knew would be tasty and cooked up some yam/sweet potato fries.  I am happy to report that they turned out wonderfully! (recipe)