Best part of the week: I have been loving my evenings. I get home from work, put on comfy clothes, make dinner (or something I decide is close enough), turn on a show, and knit/crochet until my hands can't take it any more. It's been truly wonderous!

Worst part of the week: I've had a really good week.. I can't think of anything that happened that really sucked so I'm just going to pass!

Something I'm grateful for: Knitting needles and crochet hooks for obvious reasons!

Something I'm excited for: I'm excited to go on an adventure this weekend. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing but I'm packing my camera and hitting the road.

88) If you could live anywhere, where would that be? This is a tough one. I absolutely adore where I live. I love that the mountains, the ocean, and the forest are all so close together and I love the climate (most of the time), and I love energy here. But I also love the UK. I think it would be really cool to live there for a bit then come back and settle on the west coast. Buuuuut have you SEEN Scandinavian interior design?! Maybe I should move to Sweden...

Happy first weekend of fall, friends!

Thoughts For The First Day of Fall

If you really want to get in the fall spirit, here's a recipe from last fall for stove top potpourri

And just like that the seasons change. 

As I sit here writing I'm watching one of my favourite candles flicker and listening to The Crescent Suite: Con Brio, a classical piece of music written by my uncle. This particular movement was inspired by the changing season as experienced on one of our local beaches back home. I've listened to this song, and the other movements in the piece, countless times.  I can (impressively) whistle every part of the piece and listen to it when I need to get some serious thinking done (which, when I'm whistling can actually be harder than it seems). And lately I've been doing some serious thinking.

I always find these next couple of months the most challenging of the year. I don't know if it's because of the weather or because school used to start picking up around this time, or I'm just so used to feeling bad around now that it's just something that happens, but whatever the reason, it happens.

These next couple of months are also when I get most inspired though. Something about the creative mind maybe? But so far I'm feeling more stuck than inspired. If you couldn't tell from my post a couple of weeks ago, I'm kind of digging the whole Scandinavian, minimal interior thing. I also recently finished the book "Simple Matters" by Erin Boyle from Reading My Tea Leaves. So I'm kind of on a minimalism kick. And as great as that is, it's totally cramping my blogging. I've pretty much been a DIY blog for ages as I've tried to make things I wanted for my place but couldn't afford. Well now all I want to do is throw everything out! So what the heck am I supposed to do for content?!

I've been thinking about connecting more with other people in the community and sharing all of the amazing things they're doing and making and I love the idea of getting more into the community and meeting new people. But I want to create. I want to make things and do things and get dirty and make messes.

I want to be nice to myself because I know that this time of year can be hard enough without making myself feel bad but I don't want that to become an excuse not to push myself to do things. I want to create content for my blog because that makes me happy, but what do I create that doesn't result in adding more "stuff" to my space? What can I create that makes a big mess, looks nice in photos, but doesn't add clutter to my home or have a big negative impact on the environment?

If you want to listen my uncle's music you can find it here. There's also a song on the album written about me.. Not to brag or anything.



Best part of the week: I went to bed at 930 last night. I was zonked. It felt great.

Worst part of the week: There’s a bit of conflict in my life right now and that’s never fun.

Something I’m grateful for: Knitting. I love making something from nothing. I can get a wee bit obsessive about it though, so I need to work on my moderation skills…

Something I’m excited for: Slightly cooler weather. Do not get me wrong. I am a summer person. I like the heat, the sun, and the overall good mood it puts me in. But as you can see in that photo up there, I just finished a super warm, super chunky hat that I cannot wait to wear! But it’s just a few degrees too warm still...

142) How long could you go without talking? It depends on the circumstances. Depending on who I’m around I can either natter incessantly or, if I don’t know the person, be very quiet as I observe and get to know them. But if it was for a good cause or a good prize I think I could go as long as necessary.

Have a splendid weekend everyone!